Friday, September 14, 2007

Shooter marble in the light

Acrylic polymer emulsion on gessoed hardboard, 16 x 14"
Painted May 16 - June 3, 2007, #122

I usually paint still lifes that are at scale or somewhat under. What has surprised me about this piece is by enlarging the main subject way beyond it's actual size, I was able to produce an image with a more heighten sense of hyper realism. The windowsill is in our son Jean-Luc's bedroom and the marbles also belong to him. I bought three of these retro looking mason jars with glass lids in a flea market for 50 cents each. I would suspect that they will make a reappearance in future works. The semi-distorted abstract effect of the marbles caused by the bottom lettering of the word IDEAL, was very appealing to me visually. The vibrant colors and lighting effect remains yet again, the main feature here.