Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grapes & Merlot

Acrylic on gessoed hardboard, 11 x 14'',
January 2011, #190

Window sill paintings are among the imagery I enjoy painting the most. It has everything to do with the quality of natural light flooding the subject from one side, and especially how it filters through glass and in this case, permeates through grapes.

The wine bottles showcased here are from left to right, two empty bottles of Merlot (red wine): Sawmill Creek Winery located in Oliver British Columbia (BC) / Niagara Falls, Ontario and Georges Duboeuf of France. Then a full bottle of Gewürztraminer Ice Wine from Sumac Ridge Estate Winery in BC, and finally to complete the lot, a full bottle of Pinot Grigio (white).