Sunday, May 10, 2009

Solo Show at Handworks Gallery

''Home Preserves'' - 16 x 16''
Acrylic on gessoed hardboard
April 13-21, 2009, #158

I am currently preparing a solo exhibition at Handworks Gallery in Saint John, NB. The show will be entitled ''NEAR & FAR'' and will run from October 16-30, 2009. It is a very broad title, so I have a lot of breathing space to explore the theme. Are we there yet? (2008) is the initial piece to jump start the show, the rest of the collection will feature all new paintings. The fun part of preparing a solo show is that it permits you to create a visual narrative and link images together. I will be aiming for 24 paintings, 16 large and 8 smaller pieces.
I will start previewing the new paintings about one month before the opening date. The above painting is the first installment and posted as a sneak peek, except that I've opted to display it in Black & White. I will be posting Home Preserves again in September in full colour. I am currently working on painting number 5, and so far so good....the last two are among my all-time favorites.
During the next few months, I will continue to post recent paintings completed prior to 2007 (birth of this Blog) and update the painting count for the solo show.