Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Marilyn Blowing Kisses

16 x 12", acrylic on mounted gessoed aluminium panel
painting #277, 2020

This is my fourth painting, part of the on-going series that connects a play with words in the title, a retro black and white photograph, a date (calendar) and a large Hershey's Kisses. The previous three all featured couples kissing. With this one, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and paint a portrait of a single figure that would somehow convey a loving sentiment to the looker while still keeping with the theme. 

I found this photograph of Marilyn Monroe on the web. It probably dates back to the mid 1950's when she wore this signature hairdo. Unfortunately, I do not know who the photographer is. I liked the contrast between the white dress and the black background. There was very little detail between her right hand and the dress. I could not make out her thumb and her pinky looked crooked. My wife Suzanne actually posed for me with a white glove. It is her hand. The whole portrait was done using only titanium white and Paynes Grey. 

To acquire this painting, please contact: 

Galerie de Bellefeuille
1367 avenue Greene, 
Montreal, Quebec H3Z 2A8 
Tel: 514.933.4406
e-mail- art@debellefeuille.com