Monday, December 23, 2019

Bubble Up

12 x 9", acrylic on mounted gessoed aluminium panel
painting #276, 2019

The Bubble Up brand was created one hundred years ago in 1919 by the Sweet Valley Products Co of Sandusky, Ohio. The introductory flavor was grape juice. In 1938, the soda pop would permanently switch flavor to lemon-lime. It is currently manufactured by the Dad's Root Beer Company.

I vaguely remember Bubble Up while growing up, since it is rather rare to find some here in Atlantic Canada.  I bought these at Winners (TJ Maxx chain) here in Moncton, but it's a US product since a bilingual sticker of ingredients was affixed to the caddy after production so it could be sold here. When I spotted this foursome in the store, I just got a nostalgic visceral response since I hadn't seen these since the 1970's. I got seduced by the graphics and knew I had to paint them.

Trivia- A bottle of Bubble Up appears on a piano in the Ariana Grande's music video, Die in your arms cover ( Justin Bieber).  Click HERE to watch. 

Exhibited in a group show entitled- Not a Creature was stirring.... Artworks to Deck the Halls - Dec. 2019 and Under Summer Sky- June 18 to July 10. 

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