Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yellow orchid in bloom

Acrylic polymer emulsion on wrapped canvas, 8 x 8''
Created December 10-17, 2008, #154

I do have a fascination with botanical in general. Five weeks ago, we purchased an Amaryllis bulb at Home Depot to add more festive colors in our home for Christmas. Two weeks later, it had sprouted about 4 inches. It now measures 25'', and has 5 large candy-cane stripped blooms on top at go 360 degrees. It just makes me stop in my tracks to look at it every time I pass near the foyer.

Orchid have the same effect on me. They usually last several weeks and if lucky, even several months. They have a Zen quality that brings balance and harmony to it's surroundings. What appealled to me in this image was the 3-sided view of the blooms - front, side & back. This is my only painting done on canvas this year, and a bit more tricky to paint than on gessoed hardboard.

This painting will be part of the Ability New Brunswick Art Auction held in Fredericton, NB - 
November 2014 - Details to follow.