Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Outside the Jar

Acrylic polymer emulsion on gessoed hardboard
12 x 10'', created May 18- July 6, 2008, #146

The painting that attracted the most attention during the opening reception of my solo show at Handworks Gallery last October was ''Shooter marble in the Light''. It was sold even before the painting arrived in the gallery. There were several collectors interested in acquiring it. That evening, I was introduced to several patrons of the gallery and was approached to do a commission of this subject matter. They invited me to their home to do a photo session, where I photographed some jars, marbles and some of their glassware collection and heirlooms. They have an artist's dream house with great natural lighting coming from deep seated windows, and windowsills that become mini stages for still life compositions. I did a photo shoot of about 200 images. This is the first of several paintings that they have commissioned.

The glass shelf on which the jar is lying on was set inside one of these deep seated windows in their kitchen. The marble on the far right has a reverse reflected image of their amazing sunroom.
-Private collection