Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Outside the Jar

Acrylic polymer emulsion on gessoed hardboard
12 x 10'', created May 18- July 6, 2008, #146

The painting that attracted the most attention during the opening reception of my solo show at Handworks Gallery last October was ''Shooter marble in the Light''. It was sold even before the painting arrived in the gallery. There were several collectors interested in acquiring it. That evening, I was introduced to several patrons of the gallery and was approached to do a commission of this subject matter. They invited me to their home to do a photo session, where I photographed some jars, marbles and some of their glassware collection and heirlooms. They have an artist's dream house with great natural lighting coming from deep seated windows, and windowsills that become mini stages for still life compositions. I did a photo shoot of about 200 images. This is the first of several paintings that they have commissioned.

The glass shelf on which the jar is lying on was set inside one of these deep seated windows in their kitchen. The marble on the far right has a reverse reflected image of their amazing sunroom.
-Private collection


  1. Alvin,
    I really like the quality of light in this piece. I've thought of painting marbles but haven't gotten around to it yet because it looks a little intimidating. It's great that you are running. I used to run three miles a day years ago when I was healthy. I really miss it! Nice Job on this one!

  2. Wow! Awesome detail in this one. Very nice piece Alvin!

  3. Beautiful! What can I say that I haven't already said before!
    Wondering if there were any "losing your marbles" jokes floating around. :)
    I love that you can get such fine detail in an unbelievably small surface.
    Be welll,

  4. Thanks Jean for your nice comments. I know several artists who are runners also.
    Hi Todd, thanks for stopping by....

    Hi Malamik,
    ''Losing my marbles'' is a title that I have written in a sketch book for a future marble painting. Appreciate your visit and comments...THANK YOU!

  5. Hi Alvin,

    I am glad to see you back blogging - you have been missed. As always, your work is superior, and inspiring. I bet you are glad that we now have digital cameras to do those photo shoots! Looking forward to seeing the other pieces this client has commissioned. Stay healthy...

  6. Hey Joanne,
    Thanks for your visit and your flattering comment. My Olympus SLR camera is one of the best investment that I have ever made!

  7. There is something magical about this marble painting, it's no longer 2 dimensional but is passed over to 3 dimensional realm. This gives it that Wow on the emotional

    What books do you read in your self-taught process on painting?

    Will you ever teach painting in the future?

    Thanks for bringing beauty into the world.

  8. Hi Dave,
    What a wonderful remark for this painting. I have read very little as far as technical books are concerned. One early book was ''Painting Portraits'' by Jenny Rodwell. My technique is partially derived from a 12 page letter I received back in 1990 from New Brunswick artist, Lloyd Fitzgerald. I learned the rest by trial and error and experimenting. The only formal training I have is a perpective drawing course back in 1986.

    Probably where I learned the most was from visiting hundreds of commerical and public galleries in North America / Western Europe and collecting art books that are not teaching books but a celebration on the work of an artist/s. In this category, a shorter list of favorite artists would include Alex Colville, Mary Pratt, John Singer Sargent, Gustave Caillebotte, Edward Hopper, Ken Danby, Norman Rockwell and a very large cross section of photorealist artists- Ralph Goings, Charles Bell, Steve Mills and so many more. I have learned a lot just by observation. I also did some amateur photography before I started to paint, which did come to play a larger role with the imagery down the road.

    I really don't think that teaching is in my future, but then never know.

    I am touched by your comment.

  9. This is really beautiful! I love the quality of light and the truly believable glass!

  10. Cher Alvin,
    Que dire devant tant de talent ? J'en suis bouche bée ! Absolument superbe.

  11. nice story and that you were able to make it a personal piece for the owners. beautiful work

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  13. i really like the play of light and the translucent quality of the subject. you rendered it well.

  14. Many thanks to all of you who have left comments or are just visiting. This blog is worthless without you!

  15. Love it. Amazing work. I wish I could take a tour of their house ;)