Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Stop for Gas, an homage to Edward Hopper

Acrylic on gessoed aluminum panel (mounted), 12 x 10''
painting #272, 2019

I can't recall when I first became aware of the art of Edward Hopper, but it was at least 30 years ago. In the fall of 1989, I bought the art book; Colville by David Burnett. Hopper's painting entitled "Gas" appears on page 153. It was painted in 1940 and is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

During the late 1980's, artist Gottfried Helnwein re-invented the famous Edward Hopper painting NIghthawks, entitled Boulevard of Broken Dreams, replacing the figures in the painting with Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley and Humphrey Bogart. I remember quite vividly that it became widely popular and was displayed in every print shops, and in many restaurants and bars / night clubs. This painting also inspired the Green Day song of the same name. Nightwawks might have been the first Hopper painting that I became aware of. 

The conception for this painting just happened by happenstance. The background for the painting featuring my rendition of "Gas" was printed on a small box that once held 20 note cards w/ envelopes. The box is dated 2000 on the back. I remember buying it at Winners at the turn of the new millennium.  It was a derivative product made for the Museum of Modern Art that was probably sold in their museum store. All the cards are now long gone but I couldn't throw away the box. It now stores some rubber stamps.  Earlier this year, I took out the box from a drawer to use a rubber ink stamp to embellish a birthday card. The small Matchbox - 1957 GMC side-step pick-up die-cast was already on my desk. When I saw them both side by side.....the whole narrative came to me. The composition is resting on an Edward Hopper art book that was gifted to me by my wife, 20 years ago. A detailed image of "Gas" appears on the glossy cover of the book entitled "Edward Hopper, A Modern Master", written by Ita G. Berkow and published by Todtri in 1996.   

unedited photo study

I've always been an admirer of the artwork of Edward Hopper for the longest time and have had the opportunity to view many of his paintings up-close in various museums especially in the United States.

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