Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cat's eye on a Van Gogh sky

Acrylic polymer emulsion on gessoed hardboard, 4 1/8" x 4 1/8",
Created November 22-29, 2008, # 151.

Between sessions of letting the paint dry on a larger painting that I am working on, I came up with this little piece. It ranks among one the smallest painting I have done to date. The marble is floating on the cover of a Vincent Van Gogh art book, with text by D.M. Field. It was a lot of fun to reproduce brush strokes. In reality, mine have absolutely no surface texture at all, unlike the very thick paint that is a trademark of the genius and tormented artist Vincent Van Gogh.



  1. Alvin,
    It looks like we both posted paintings of the same subject matter today. How funny is that? I like yours better though! Take care!

  2. Beautiful piece with dramatic colors.
    At first, I thought that this all set-up was the painting, it could be great too. I like this contrast you're talking about, between your soft and precise brushstrokes and the textured style of Mister Van Gogh.

  3. Nice little painting Alvin. Really like the presentation in the deep frame too.

  4. Hi Alvin,

    How did you like painting on the gessoed board versus canvas? I have found them to be so smooth that a different technique seems to be necessary.

    Love the brightness of this piece.

    So sorry to hear of your computer crashing. I really hope your photos are recoverable! I have heard that Mac doesn't get viruses. :-) Not that I have anything against a PC or anything...

  5. Jean, Pierre & Todd, thanks for visiting, kudos for your own work!
    Hey Joanne,
    I almost always paint on hardboard. When painting with very thin and transparent layers, the paint has more bite than on canvas. My PC has recovered with my files intact, but a remaining virus did pop up this evening and was quarantined. Fingers and toed crossed.....

  6. Great composition here, Alvin!

    The marble has a watercolor feel to it IMHO.

    This is another one of those paintings I thought was a photograph upon first glance.

    Impossibly realistic!