Saturday, May 17, 2008

Red Spider - Alfa Romeo

Acrylic polymer emulsion on gessoed hardboard, 8½'' x 11"
Created April 14 - May 14, 2008, #145.

The Spider is a roaster produced by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo from 1966 to 1993 (190 Spiders were badged as 1994 Commemorative Editions for the North American market). Widely regarded as a design classic, it remained in production for almost three decades with only minor aesthetic and mechanical changes.

This painting is a gallery commission with the client supplying the photographs. I got to choose what would work better for me in keeping with my own artistic and aesthetic vision. It was actually the first time since 1987 that I would paint from an image I did not take myself. All the same, it was pretty much eye candy. The only drawback was I did not get to take a spin in it.
- Commission


  1. Alvin,
    Wow, it looks like you sure have been busy...incredible piece. I've been out of the loop for awhile and it sure looks like I've missed quite a bit!

  2. What! They didn't let you drive it! That is just unfair! Thinks you've been jipped! Great painting though, it shows how much you liked the car!

  3. Hi Melody, thank you so much for your comment and your visit, much appreciated.
    Hi Jean, I've also been a bit out of the loop myself. So happy that spring is here, been spending some time getting back in better physical shape. Thanks for your comment. Hoping you are doing better re:health.
    Hey TPL, Hoping all is well down under. The images were actually e-mailed by the gallery. I didn't get the opportunity to meet with the client, as he lives in another part of the country. Thanks for stopping by and your comment.

  4. Rock-em sock-em, Alvin! What a vibrant painting. Great work--you have the patience of Job.

  5. Cher Alvin,
    Je n'ai qu'un mot à dire : EPOUSTOUFLANT !!!

  6. Alvin are you kidding me? It's knock down gorgeous, great job.

  7. Wow, that's fantastic.

    I like watching your journey, it's very cool to see.

    Since I've written to you last I've slowly been finding places that want my art on their walls to sell... My style is certainly my own...
    Good journey,

  8. This is outstanding. You must have such patience to paint with such detail.