Friday, November 9, 2007

Study for Summer of '69

Acrylic polymer emuslion on gessoed MDF, 3,5 x 5,5"
Painted October 9-15, 2006, #111.

This painting dates back to a year ago. It was done both as a study for the larger work of the same name and for an International Juried Exhibition of miniature paintings that was held at the World Fine Art Gallery in the Chelsea, New York City during the month of December 2006. To show my work in the Big Apple was in my Bucket List.


  1. Hi Alvin C'est bon de voir quelque de par icit sur blogger
    I've seen your work at the juried show in Moncton several times
    I'm a painter in the area too funny we've never met
    We paint differently ,but I can certainly appreciate your skill
    Well done I'll add you to my links