Monday, October 22, 2007

Cherries in a Pyrex dessert dish

Acrylic polymer emuslion on gessoed hardboard, 10 x 8"
Painted Nov. 24 - Dec. 31, 2002, #51.

On November 15, the Canadian Paraplegic Association (N.B.) Inc. will be holding it's 17th annual Art & Antique Auction at the Fredericton Inn. The event will begin with a reception, silent auction and dinner, followed by a live auction. The proceed from this event will go towards funding the Association's rehabilitation programs for persons with spinal cord injuries and other mobility impairements.

This painting will be included as a lot during the live auction. In 2002, the cherry tree in our backyard produced a record crop. Usually by mid-August the cherry season is over. On this year we ate cherries until the very last week of September. Click on this link for more information - AUCTION INFO .


  1. Whew! I was having withdrawal symptoms here without any new posts in a while! So glad you're back! (Did you sell EVERYTHING?)

    I like your composition on this one... and that little spot where one cherry touches the inside of the glass bowl.

  2. Hi Liz,
    I do not yet have the final tally on sales. This painting is one of my earlier still lifes. These cherries are the sour type. Thank you for your comments, they always make my day!!!

  3. Great to see you back on the blog! I was wondering if you were going to continue after the show. I check often.

  4. Hi Michael,
    You have to know that as I got in the car to drive to the opening, words you left in a prior comment "I can't wait to see pics of your show" instantly popped in my head (I was forgetting my camera). Thanks! I will continue to update this blog. When I started to post images, it was from a year of painting, now it will be down to a few per month.

  5. Hi Alvin,
    I have just discovered your blog...and am instantly a fan of your artwork. There is something wonderful in the "simplicity" of your subject matter that reaches out and captures one's attention. Each piece of work draws us right into the moment captured in paint.

    I look forward to hearing how you did in your showing, and checking back for new postings!