Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stawberries on a Sunday (revisited)

Acrylic on gessoed hardboard, 2006-09
27 cm diameter, #101

This is a painting was never varnished because it was framed under glass; so I decided to re-work it a bit and re frame it in a smart new contemporary black frame. It will be among the paintings on the block at the 19th Annual Art & Antique Auction in support of the Canadian Paraplegic Association being held in Fredericton, NB on November 12, 2009. For more information on this very worthy event which I have associated myself for the third year, please click HERE.


  1. Hi Alvin!....Found your site while visiting Todd's site!A superb site! "I" a Proud Canadian is so evident throughout your blog!''Congrats on the success of your solo....little wonder!Love the detail...and the tongue-in-cheek" humour ...

    I'll be a Follower...and "regular" from now on!
    Good painting!


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