Sunday, May 10, 2009

Solo Show at Handworks Gallery

''Home Preserves'' - 16 x 16''
Acrylic on gessoed hardboard
April 13-21, 2009, #158

I am currently preparing a solo exhibition at Handworks Gallery in Saint John, NB. The show will be entitled ''NEAR & FAR'' and will run from October 16-30, 2009. It is a very broad title, so I have a lot of breathing space to explore the theme. Are we there yet? (2008) is the initial piece to jump start the show, the rest of the collection will feature all new paintings. The fun part of preparing a solo show is that it permits you to create a visual narrative and link images together. I will be aiming for 24 paintings, 16 large and 8 smaller pieces.
I will start previewing the new paintings about one month before the opening date. The above painting is the first installment and posted as a sneak peek, except that I've opted to display it in Black & White. I will be posting Home Preserves again in September in full colour. I am currently working on painting number 5, and so far so good....the last two are among my all-time favorites.
During the next few months, I will continue to post recent paintings completed prior to 2007 (birth of this Blog) and update the painting count for the solo show.


  1. Very clever idea and, like all of your work, exquisitely painted. Can't wait to see the color version!!

  2. Congrats on the show Alvin! I look forward to seeing the new pieces.

  3. Very exciting! I would love to see that show, your work is so gorgeous!

  4. Wish the show wasn't so far away, I'd love to see it all hanging! Its going to be fantastic to watch for the new pieces, and to see the color version of this one - even in B&W its a standout! Congrats on the well-deserved solo show.

  5. Chris, Todd, Carol & Terry....Thanks for the warm wishes. I'm stoked about this show. It will be an exploration of Pop culture sparked with light and color.

  6. Alvin,
    I can't wait to see this in color!

  7. Alvin!

    This painting looks good even in black and white!

    Here's another perfect example of not knowing how the hell you painted this.

    This just looks impossible!

    Very whimsical and fun subject matter, as usual.

    Sheer perfection, Alvin!

    Congrats on the upcoming solo show too!


  8. Merci pour le commentaire sur mes peintures. Votre travail est superbe. C'est hyperréaliste mais aussi graphique, ce mélange donne un résultat très pictural ! Bravo pour les transparences des objets en verre, il faut beaucoup de maîtrise pour peindre ce type de sujet. Bonne continuation et bonne chance pour votre exposition.
    Ps: je vous mets en lien sur mon blog.

  9. Thank you Jean & Dean....sounds like a new musical duo (just kidding)....Thanks for the comment and stopping by.

    Merci Régis,
    Je vous ai également ajouté à mes liens d'artistes.

  10. Hello Alvin,
    I have got to your blog thanks to Mr. Grey here :) Thanks to him I have discovered your wonderful art. I just can't believe you are a self taught artist...
    Best wishes on your exposition!

  11. Lovely work Alvin. Your glass paintings are especially amazing to me because I live in fear of painting glass ;-) Whenever I do paint it I always wonder why I was so crazy to even start it.

  12. Such a wonderfully fun piece, beautifully executed. Can't wait to see it in color!

    I LOVE your work, and will certainly be back. Wishing you great success with the show.

  13. Hi Alvin, yes.. I agree with the previous posts...I can't wait to see the color version and thenew paintings.Best wishes on your solo show!

  14. Carolina, Paul, Kim & Fabio....thank you for stopping by. In retrospect, I am kind of glad that I did not post it in color because I've reworked some sections 3 times already, I think I am done.